Intelligent Automation in 2023: What IA Strategies Are Businesses Applying?

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a term that incorporates multiple technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into RPA to enhance its functionality. 2023 will be a year of significant automation potential, paving the way for IA to thrive. Currently, more than 68% of large organizations have adopted IA, according to Technative. For leaders looking to leverage the benefits of IA in a time of possible continued economic downturn, the efforts should be tied to a larger strategic initiative. Here are some key IA strategies that could be game-changers in the year ahead.

Employee experience becomes crucial KPI

A Gartner survey found that 47% of HR leaders cited employee experience (EX) as a top priority for 2023 since EX has a domino effect on the organization. Some benefits include better employee engagement and performance, less employee turnover, increased customer experience, greater productivity, and increased revenue for the organization, according to Forbes.

Promoting employee experience is an essential solution for businesses in the digital transformation process. (Source:

IA can help to boost EX by:

  • Reducing stress: With the ability to automate high-volume and manual tasks, IA can eliminate employees’ workload, thereby saving their time and reducing their stress. 
  • Creating a positive culture: IA implementation provides high efficiency and accuracy, reducing errors and handling time for employees. Thus, this increases operational efficiency and facilitates the businesses to meet their goals while putting less burden on employees.
  • Increasing performance and employee growth: IA can eliminate mundane and uninspiring tasks and identify the areas where automation can be optimized. This gives employees more time to upskill and work on other valuable projects where high skills are required, thus facilitating better career development.

Unified workforce solutions will become more important

For a successful enterprise, digital workers and employees need to be a single, unified workforce. Therefore, leaders need to ensure end-to-end processes for employees and businesses.

Instead of leaning on multiple vendors with different technologies and tools to guarantee process optimization, organizations are opting for a single vendor to provide a one-stop-shop solution.

A single-vendor approach is more advantageous for every type of organization. This is because all of the business functions and processes are administered by a central platform and integrate seamlessly with each other, allowing for better management.

akaBot provides a comprehensive automation system to help businesses discover automation opportunities, develop their bots and orchestrate their operations. Businesses can therefore save time and effort with multiple tools and enjoy 24/7 effective support whenever they encounter problems.

Human and Bot collaboration becomes the future of work

2023 expects to see greater integration between human and digital workers in a consolidated workforce. Deloitte Global Intelligent Automation survey states that there will be no bots working alone in silos while people are focusing on their own tasks, 85% of businesses are rethinking the strategies to optimize the work process. 

Through the power of IA, businesses can evolve from simple task-based automation to end-to-end automation, minimizing undocumented interactions between humans and bots that lack insight and visualization. Deloitte’s Global Intelligent Automation shows that 92% of IA implementers have already adopted end-to-end automation as part of their intelligent automation strategy (44%).

With IA bots, it is not about automating one single task. It is now about streamlining processes and developing a unified automation system. This should be done by understanding how humans can effectively augment bots, how bots can leverage what humans do best, and how to redesign processes for seamless and efficient workflow and support collaboration.

Humans and bots work together to achieve end-to-end automation. (Source:

To deliver end-to-end automation that boosts human and bot collaboration, businesses are looking for a solution capable of integrating multiple technologies. akaBot offers comprehensive Hyperautomation solutions that integrate multiple intelligent technologies such as Process Mining, Task Mining, AI/ML, and IDP with RPA to maximize automation efficiency. 

Looking ahead

IA is one of the technologies that transform the way businesses operate and deliver – greater efficiency, lower risks of errors, lower costs, improved employee performance and engagement, increased customer satisfaction, etc. 

A recent Zinnov survey suggests that IA has emerged as the leading technology area that Chief Experience Officers are prioritizing, indicating IA as the core technology of Digital Transformation 2.0. Furthermore, IDC’s findings indicate that the implementation of IA will become critical in the future. More than a third of participants in the IDC’s August 2021 Future of Intelligence Survey said that automation will be an essential component to boost organization intelligence and keep up with the unprecedented growth of data and the increasing speed of the market. Besides, IDC also predicted that 40% of the G2000 companies will enhance the use of IA in knowledge retention, dissemination, and information synthesis by 2026.

As IA adoption matures, businesses are rapidly evolving their IA into broader automation platforms with embedded capabilities for Hyperautomation. Hence, IA still has more room to thrive and facilitate leaders to achieve end-to-end automation, and increase business value and competitiveness in the market.

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