Level Up Supply Chain Management With Intelligent Automation

Implementing Intelligent Automation in Supply Chain Management is one of the most effective ways to streamline operations, improve efficiency within production and meet new market needs. At RPA Breakout Session, Smart Manufacturing World Summit on 31 March 2023, Mr. Nikhil Patil, Principal Consultant (FPT Software Europe) hosted the session and shared his views about a resilient supply chain, as well as some notable benefits of Intelligent Automation in leveraging Supply Chain Management.

What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? 

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the centralized management of the entire production flow of goods and services, from raw material sourcing to delivery to the end consumer.

SCM includes various organizations, people, information, products, and resources. (Source: cdlogistics.ca)

By optimizing the flow of materials, effective SCM can streamline the supply chain process, helping companies to reduce excess costs and ensure that goods are delivered at the right time to meet the customers’ needs.

Besides, the ultimate goal of effective SCM is managing risk and mitigating damage caused by unexpected events such as weather, workers, and regulation. “Resilient and strong supply chains can determine the fate of an organization in the event of a disruption.”, said Mr. Nikhil Patil, Principal Consultant (FPT Software Europe) at RPA Breakout Session, Smart Manufacturing World Summit on 31 March 2023.

Mr. Nikhil Patil, Principal Consultant (FPT Software Europe) at RPA Breakout Session, Smart Manufacturing World Summit

Key Features of Effective Supply Chain Management

Key features of efficient SCM include:

  • Actively access and manage massive amounts of structured and unstructured data from various sources, including social media, IoT, traditional ERP, B2B integration tools, etc.
  • Allow for the seamless sharing of information and better cooperation between vendors and manufacturers, as well as enabling end-to-end transparent transactions thanks to improved access to data.
  • Provide greater analytics across the chain so companies can make optimal decisions and coordinate internal operations.
  • Offer timely insights on all supply chain activities so stakeholders can react to changes as they occur.

Enhancing SCM with Intelligent Automation

During the RPA Breakout Session, Mr. Nikhil Patil emphasized the value addition of Intelligent Automation (IA) as follows:

  • Cost reduction: Lower operating costs by optimizing operational efficiency and actionable insights.
  • Productivity enhancement: Avoid manual and time-consuming errors in processes.
  • Better customer experience: Enhance response time from the back office and allow employees to work directly with customers for better results.
  • Does not replace existing system: RPA can interact on the interference level without having to change or replace the legacy systems.

At the same event, Mr. Patil also stated the remarkable benefits of IA: “Intelligent Automation can ensure build resilience by reducing errors, accelerating workflow execution, digitizing critical process data, and reducing downstream cost impacts in all functions of the manufacturing organization.” 

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According to Everest Group (2020), supply chain companies should prioritize processes in the Pursue quadrant for their automation initiatives.

  • Order management: AI-powered RPA bots can extract purchase order data from SAP, provide real-time updates and validation from various sources, and deliver reports automatically to relevant staff.
  • Order fulfillment: Intelligent bots can identify order emails, download attached files, create orders in the ERP system, and notify customers about product availability and shipping options.
  • Inventory management: IA can generate notifications to staff when inventory levels are low, forecast the available amount of inventory, and automatically reorder items.
  • Reporting: Bots are capable of extracting reports on production and all other work in the chain accurately and at speed for the next best actions.

akaBot – Your ultimate companion in effective supply chain management

In Vietnam, akaBot (FPT) is a pioneer in providing automation solutions, creating a premise for the journey of effective supply chain management for businesses.

  • One-stop shop solution: akaBot has an end-to-end Hyperautomation solution, integrating many intelligent technologies, including AI/ML, OCR, IDP, Process Mining, Task Mining, Computer Vision, Business Process Management Systems, eKYC to efficiently take care of the process from process assessment stage to deployment, and maintenance.
  • Quick ROI & Cost-effectiveness
    • One of our customers achieved ROI within only 4 months of migrating from another RPA platform to akaBot.
    • The total cost for the akaBot license and migration is less than/equal to the ownership expense for the previous platform.     
  • Fast implementation
  • 24/7 efficient support

Contact us to experience the solution for free.


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