9 Weeks for ATM Monitoring Process Automation

About customer

A British Multinational Investment Bank which has presence in 65 countries and 200,000+ employees.


The bank needs to monitor the ATMs in Vietnam branch due to a large volume of information which needs to be checked.


akaBot team applied the onsite working model, in which FPT Software team worked at customer site. Customer needed to prepare infrastructure and working area for FPT onsite team. Infrastructure are connected to customer’s legacy system needed for the process.

– Create dashboard to monitor ATMs

– Use akaBot to get & sync data to dashboard and notify end-users of ATM failure


60% effort reduction

80% processing time reduction (average processing time down from 10 minutes to 2 minutes)

24/7 availability for ATM monitoring

Potential error: 0.02% – Error ratio: 0.01% 


The convenience from automated ATM monitoring helps reduce manual work for bank’s staff. Accordingly, the bank can allocate their human resources into more important tasks. In the future, the bank is expected to expand their automation scope.

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