G2 2022 Summer Report for RPA: akaBot takes the lead, 4 seasons straight

It’s that time of the year we are all looking for – summer, or should we say summer report time! akaBot is proud to announce that, for the fourth season, we are named the RPA Leader. This summer, we also landed 7 new badges, notably Momentum Leader and High Performer in Mid-market – all backed by our customer’s love.

What are G2 rankings and why they are worth your trust

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted review site for software products. This platform allows users to rate and share their experience on any technology solutions they have used. Also, G2 is a great place for people looking for unbiased reviews to aid their solution selection.

Every quarter, G2 releases its Seasonal Report to rank some best software based on customers’ reviews on the site. That akaBot continuously appears in the reports with high ranking shows that we are heading the right way and is much loved by our clients.

Explore G2’s scoring methodologies here and its categorization methodology here also!

How akaBot shines in this year’s G2 Summer Report

Learn how our clients rated us in the Spring Report here.

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RPA Leader – Not just this summer, but all year round

RPA Leader is rewarded to technology solution providers that score high in customer satisfaction and have a large market presence. In specific, G2 gathers most recent reviews on its platforms and from other credible online sources before applying a unique algorithm and coming up with the final scores in real-time.

Ever since we were ranked by G2 last year, we have continuously improved our products based on customer reviews and therefore, are recognized as the RPA Leader all year round. 

100% of our users rated us 4 or 5 stars and 93% of them are willing to recommend us. This is why:

  • In terms of Satisfaction Ratings, we are considered efficient in providing high-quality support with a score of 9.6/10, ranking third among 26 solutions evaluated. Our solutions are also considered easy to use (9/10) and able to satisfy 90% requirements of all customers. 
  • In terms of Market Presence, we have been supporting 1,000+ businesses from 20+ countries. Our top industries represented, according to G2, include consumer goods, banking, accounting, marketing & advertising, and retail.

Discover the success of our clients from various industries here.

When it comes to adopting a new technology platform, it’s always crucial to carefully consider the ROI and plan change management – ways to persuade employees to use the solution in their daily work. akaBot is highly evaluated by both end-users and decision-makers as we help businesses to increase the user adoption rate to 74% and shorten the payback period down to 7 months. These incredible results bring us to the 2nd position on the User Adoption and Return on Investment (ROI) list.

Momentum Leader –  Pushing boundaries to accompany your success

The technology market is ever-evolving and highly competitive, which calls for the need to continuously monitor and optimize solutions to keep up with customer demands and market trends. According to G2, Momentum Grid can be helpful to enterprises when making their buying decisions:  “If a company/product is starting to fall behind, it might be time to consider a different player in the space that’s been outpacing its competitors.”

We are proud to be recognized as the Momentum Leader with a high-growth trajectory in terms of satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence.

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akaBot was originally an RPA platform to support handling repetitive, time-consuming and labor-intensive business tasks. As we constantly update new tech trends and work closely with clients, within just a year, akaBot has developed a diverse product ecosystem with a vision of Hyperautomation to harness the full potential of automation and overcome the disadvantages of RPA. Besides RPA, we now have various technologies ready to satisfy different business needs, such as IDP, Process Mining, Chatbot, AI, etc. This helps businesses reduce the risks of high costs and low success rates when working with multiple vendors. 

High Performer in Mid-market – Top 1 in Data and Product Security, Top 2 in Quality of Support 

As we expand our product offerings, we are able to serve more businesses, especially SMEs. 

For businesses in Mid-market, due to limited resources, the demand for an easy-to-use and affordable solution requiring minimum effort and intervention into the existing systems is high. In this RPA Summer Report, akaBot is named the High Performer in Mid-market with some important highlights.

  • 2nd rankings in Quality of Support (9.5/10) and Ease of Use (9.5/10), resolving 91% of customer requirements
  • Top 1 solution in Data and Product Security (9.6/10), Top 2 in Scalability (9.1/10), and Top 3 in Attended Automation (9.3/10)

During the software development process, akaBot applies built-in quality and security, making sure every solution element strictly adheres to the quality standards in ISO 9001:2015, HIPAA Compliance Attestation, and HITRUST – some important certifications FPT Software has successfully earned. Our high-security level has been validated and trusted by 30+ giants in the banking sector, namely TPBank, HDBank, VietcomBank, etc. 

To dig deep into akaBot’s Hyperautomation solutions, our technology capabilities and the diverse product ecosystem make it possible for us to get involved in various tasks of different departments. In addition, we apply the “Fast to Mass” methodology with 3 stages of Fast Automation, Survey & Planning, and Mass Automation, also contributing to the high scalability and success of the automation projects. 

Hyperautomation allows human and bot alliance, or attended automation. In specific, we enable the human-in-loop feature, which means whenever AI is unsure about its decisions, it will call for the help of humans before proceeding to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

“The whole infrastructure is straightforward but flexible to deploy. We help deploy the Center (the management platform) on Linux or Windows. Also, akaBot team provides prompt and thorough responses whenever there’s any inquiry from our side; as an overseas user, we don’t feel any gap in terms of communication or product delivery. Furthermore, the product keeps utilizing the ability to integrate with multiple applications, making it easy to be consolidated into different solutions; we are able to combine RPA with AI and more innovative technologies!”

Scott S (Product Manager of a Mid-market company) talking about akaBot’s support quality.

The awards from G2 have offered us many insights to serve our clients better. Thank you, to G2, all of your partners and customers, for your trust and support. As you scale, we keep pushing harder, to break down boundaries and accompany your success.

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