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Creating your own robots has never been easier. Design simple to complex processes with the help of akaBot Studio.

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akaBot Studio is a robot creation tool, empowering users to model most business processes, regardless of complexity, within one organization.


Variety of activities

Offer a variety of powerful activities and supporting interactivities with various applications, from opening web browsers to reading excel files.


Customization of Workflows

Allow direct insertion of code into the workflow, making the automation process remarkably more flexible.


Integration of OCR Engines

Integration with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert images of handwriting or typing into text.


Searching Capabilities

Allow faster and convenient process programming and development via a powerful search engine and a library of integrated activities.


Standardized Frameworks

Standardize the programming of complicated automation processes through a framework template.

Workflow process modelling

RPA developers can design powerful and complex workflow process models by adopting and manipulating hundreds of activities or even assimilating custom VB.Net codes directly into their workflow.

Web Automation

akaBot Studio uses built-in activities to execute web-based activities. It identifies web elements by their attributes and accurately manipulates them while adapting to any changes within the website. The tool interacts with UI elements to ensure that. It will work with any website, regardless of complexity.

Bring your automation vision to life

Key features

Desktop Automation

akaBot Studio understands logic and does not rely on the positioning of on-screen elements. This makes the automation much more reliable, regardless of screen size and resolution.

Outage Prevention

Our platform provides continuous and independent services that are available 24/7. You can expect little to no downtime while using the akaBot platform.

Debugging tool

The debugging tool enable developers to monitor, stop or restart the execution of a workflow. Additionally, you can set up breakpoints and highlight target elements. We are improving the tool to pass through step-by-step execution.

Domain Template

akaBot has several built-in process templates for certain business models such as retail, IT or banking.


Go ahead from FAST to MASS automation with akaBot Studio.

Built-in Domain Package

akaBot has built-in processes specialized for various

fields including banking & finance, retail, insurance,

information technology (IT) etc.

Fast & Flexible Automation

Automation work is fast and flexible due to the

abundance of well-written and annotated activities.

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