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Intelligent Document Processing Solution

Take the best advantage of documents & data within your business through the IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) technology.




Pioneering digital transformation with our comprehensive automation solution, boosted productivity and reduced costs.

akaBot Vision?


No more drowning in documents

By 2025, IDC predicts worldwide data to exceed 175 zettabytes.
A huge amount of staff are hired only to input data.


Unlocking value of business data

80% of all business data is embedded in unstructured formats.
Efficient data processing helps enterprises gain much more than now.


Heading to Hyperautomation

IDP is the key to unlock the value of RPA.
A combination of RPA, IDP, Deep Learning, NLP that triggers your Hyperautomation journey.

Let's see what akaBot Vision solves!

Intelligent Invoice Processing

With the combination of IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) & RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the invoice processing cannot be easier with akaBot Vision.
Say Hello to IDP, Goodbye Repetition & Human Errors!

IDP vs. OCR?

Document processing does not mean only converting from image to text for some fixed templates (the way OCR does).

IDP can give you much more.

5 - 10 Times Faster

Easy to set up with higher processing speed (5x - 10x)

AI-driven IDP + RPA improves straight-through processing

High Flexibility for Scaling

No template-based and continuously learning

from human feedback.

Accuracy Uplifting

Offering immediate significant increases in data accuracy

with the use of AI (up to 100%).

End-to-end Automation Enabling

Tying your IDP software into other areas of the business

to realize a fully integrated RPA system (Hyperautomation).

akaBot Vision

The akaBot Vision’s Process

Documents are classified into required categories, then go through an OCR-integrated process. End-users can

double-check and perform any necessary modifications before exporting the results to a desired format.

Explore the capability of IDP solution by akaBot

akaBot Vision's Key Features

Document Image Enhancement

Automatically improve quality of image or documents such as auto cropping, background whitening and geometric transformation

Recognition & Extraction

This script enables OCR/ICR engine to recognize any field in the document during the customized recognition stage

Auto-correction & Data Validation

Natural Language Processing (NLP) automates word correction. This process reduces 60 – 90% of miss-match words from OCR output

Flexible Integration

With REST API and On-Cloud deployment models, akaBot Vision can easily integrated with your systems

Auto Learning

Every miss-match words will be recorded and fed into the Machine Learning model. OCR engine learns from mistakes and gets smarter over time.

Any Document Types You Can Think Of.
akaBot Vision Covers Them All



Human Resource





Finance & Banking

Do not lag behind !

The pain points of document & data processing in enterprises

80% of enterprise's data is unstructured & unexplored
73% of leaders are working with printed documents 4 times/day

Annual cost for data compliance: 2.5 million USD
Annual cost for document management system: 25,000 USD

It's time for a big change!

Catch up with the IDP Trend!

'Document Processing in The Digital Age: Typewriter, OCR, or IDP?' is a super-easy-to-understand Playbook for you.

Get some actionable insights to start a totally new way of document processing in your enterprise ASAP!

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