akaBot Vision

Intelligent Document Digitization

Automate document processing by capturing meaningful data from mass documents, forms and correspondence.




Pioneering digital transformation with our comprehensive automation solution, boosted productivity and reduced costs.

Vision's Highlights


Capture information from any documents

Whether it's ID card, passport or invoice, akaBot Vision captures the most valuable data flexibly and automate the process.


Leverage the power of Cognitive Capture, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing

Automate document classification and data extraction to allow smart document management


Find and secure data easily

Look up any information within 2 seconds and safely store data in retrievable digital format.

Product Overview

What’s akaBot Vision?

akaBot Vision transforms documents into significant business values. By combining Cognitive Capture, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), akaBot Vision automatically reads and classifies any type of information, including both structured and unstructured documents, into any required categories. Extracted information is stored in the enterprise’s database for any business purpose.


Customer-Centric is our key for product development. We stay on customers' side

to provide the best localized products for you with your current regulations and operation.

Flexible Deployment

Solutions can be flexibly applied for different

business models of various domains

Categorized Data

Data extracted are fully categorized based on

specific demands without any later manual actions.

Support 64 Latin Languages

Support 64 Latin Languages for global customers

such as: Vietnamese, English, Spanish, French,

Italian, etc.

Flexible Deployment

Features of the platform are selected and filtered to

meet the requirements of different projects .

akaBot Vision

The akaBot Vision’s Process

Documents are classified into required categories, then go through an OCR-integrated process. End-users can

double-check and perform any necessary modifications before exporting the results to a desired format.

A Comprehensive Document Digitization Solution

akaBot Vision's Key Features

Template Creation

A manual Template Creating Tool allow users to create their own document layout, save them for later use. Users can extract meaningful data and easily find needed information by inserting relevant keywords.

Document Image Enhancement

Automatically improves image quality in any format, namely PDF, scanned PDF. Enhancement features are auto cropping, background whitening and geometric transformation.

Recognition & Extraction

Recognize and extract text fields to the appropriate data structure with high accuracy.

Auto-correction & Data Validation

The power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows excellent automated word correction. Mismatched words are expected to lessen by 60 to 90 percent in the OCR output.

Flexible Integration

Allow single-document processing via a mobile device. Built-in image enhancement features ensure the best document quality.

Mobile Capture

Allow single-document processing at via a mobile device. Built-in image enhancement features ensure the most optimized quality.

Batch Scanning

Schedule document scanning from pre-determined locations on in the system.

Auto Learning

The Auto Learning capability confirms every mismatched word and automatically chains them to the Machine Learning model. OCR can learn from mistakes and grows smarter over time.

Data transformation across industries



Human Resource





Finance & Banking

Vision's Competencies

Operational Costs-Cutting

Digitizing documents cuts significant data entry time, manual

work and unwanted errors, which minimizes costs and

makes data accessing easier.

High-level Data Security

Information in digital formats prevents risk associated with

securing paper documents. Digitalized data can be

recovered without difficulties.

Fast Decision-Making & Actions

Capture only important data and remove latency,

resulting in quicker transactions, smarter decision

making and greater customer


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