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Business Story for Remittance

Affected Person: Banking

Business Story:

A large bank had to manually process more than 1000 payment transactions a day, suffering from low productivity due to human errors and long processing time… The bank needs to automate remittance business process.
Covers >1000 trans/day, support multi formats: PDF, TIF, JPG, PNG. Not impact existing system.
Processing time < 3 minutes.
Project implementation time < 10 weeks .


  • This is a very time – consuming task.
  •  Mistakes may occur during the inputting, leading to incorrect info and may cause any serious problems related to employee benefits, salary, health insurance…in the future.


• Standardize remittance process and remittance form.
• akaBot build robot to automate the business process and not impact on existing apps (interacts on screen as an user).
• akaBot also validates data, sends notification email, reads configuration parameter of robot.
• akaBot Vision to analyst remittance form structure and covert to text. Full service: Assessment, Design, Implement, Golive.


  • Available 24/7.
  • Reduce effort: ~ 60%.
  • Reduce processing time: ~ 80% (<2 minutes).
  • Decrease the human mistake: ~50%.
  • Project implementation time ~10 weeks .